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Turning 50, launching site!

Today I turn 50. I certainly don't feel 50. As I take stock of my life and where I've come from and where I want to go, I feel lucky and blessed for all the amazing people in my life, the people I've met along the way, and the places I've been able to live and visit. I truly believe that we attract the people and experiences we need to learn something from into our lives. And I still have so much more to learn and experience! Launching this site today is a small step in my journey to keep learning and carving out the time and space to keep creating.

My dear friend and beautiful yoga teacher Asha Ghosh had been encouraging me to create a website for my photos for years - I think almost a decade. She and my sister Mousumi have been my inspirations; no matter how busy they are, how much time their work takes them, they always find time for their creative and passion pursuits. I always wonder how they found the time in their busy schedules? I realize now that it's not all or nothing, but step-by-step, little steps, that move you forward toward your goal, whatever that may be. My coach Mac Ling helped me to take the first step and put out the call to help me find web designers to put together this site. Thank you Karen West for your patience with me, across time zones, in putting this site together!

Celebrating 50!

I shared a lovely evening with friends over the weekend with great drinks at the awesome Sundown Central one of Phnom Penh's newest gem to hit the bar and restaurant scene here, followed by a delicious meal at the famous Cuisine Wat Damnak. The restaurant recently opened in Phnom Penh after having to close its doors in its famous Siem Reap location due to the impact of the economic downturn there from the pandemic and lack of tourism. I really hope that we can see it, and so many other businesses in Siem Reap re-open there again soon! In the meantime, if you are ever in Phnom Penh, you must visit both places!

Here's to the next 50 years (well, ok maybe not that long!) of adventures, good food, good drinks, and great times with friends and family!

Amazing food at Cuisine Wat Damnak


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