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Welcome to my site! I’ve been wanting to put together a website to share my photos and adventures with friends, family, and followers, for quite some time. It’s actually taken me years to do this as I’ve always said that I don’t have time. Well, now, as I reach the mid-age of 50, I’ve decided, if not now, when? I have been doing photography for years and used to spend hours and hours in the darkroom processing film (remember film!) and developing prints, where images seemed to appear like magic. While I will always love film and black and white, as I started to travel more, digital photography opened up a whole new range of possibilities. This site, these photos, these stories are a way for me to reignite and to spend time again on my passions – travel, photography, nature, good food, good drinks – and most of all appreciate and share the amazing beauty, the colors, and life in the incredible places I’ve been lucky to visit and live, and to appreciate the beauty all around us.

I have lived a fortunate life and have been lucky to experience so many wonderful places and people. I’ve lived in far-away places like Nepal, where the beauty of its people, cities, and stunning mountains have captured my soul, and among the breathtaking vistas of the Bay Area in California, which will always have my heart. I am a global nomad in search of home. And I realize now that I’ve been lucky to call so many places home.

I was born in Calcutta (still not used to calling it Kolkata) and when I was four years old, my family and I moved to The Philippines. We lived there for 6 years, and my memories are filled with happy times with family and friends with numerous trips to incredible beaches throughout the country, eating buko pie, sinigang, and lots of green mangoes and bagoong. My formative, teenage days were spent in Hong Kong where I lived for eight years. Those years in HK were incredible, full of international exposure and fabulous foods from all over the world. Then I moved to the United States for college and after living and working in the United States for 14 years, making it my home, the hankering to live overseas again bit me, and I took the leap of faith to move to Nepal.

That started my journey living in Asia again, working in international development and environment and conservation work, in places like Nepal, back to the U.S., Sri Lanka, Korea, and Cambodia. While my career has taken me to these places, I have always tried to tell the stories and beauty of these lands and people with my camera. Throughout it all, I’ve also tried to capture the foods and flavors of these places and it’s influenced own my experimentation with different flavors in my cooking and drink making  – living in San Francisco inspired my first foray into making and experimenting with making cocktails – and I’ve infused the flavors of Asia ever since.


My photos capture stunning landscapes – many of which are under immense threats from climate change, deforestation and over exploitation – as well as everyday life and on the streets and among the people in the cities where I’ve lived and traveled, from Kathmandu, Colombo, San Francisco, Seoul, and many more.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!
© Copyright Srabani Roy
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